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The Indian School Bahrain
The Indian School, Bahrain founded in the year 1950, was initiated by the efforts of the Indian community in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The school commenced its journey with a committed workforce -a Head Mistress and three staff members. 59 years of its successful existence, the school has made significant contribution towards education excellence. Today, The Indian School, Bahrain is one of the largest expatriate schools in the
Arabian Gulf with strength of over 8000 students and an enthusiastic workforce of 450 members.
The school aims at..
Providing educational facilities for the children of Indian origin in accordance with the syllabi of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Students of other nationalities may also be admitted at the discretion of the school.

Achieving excellence in scholastic and non-scholastic activities so as to mould a student into a wholesome personality – inculcating in the students a sense of appreciation for the Indian culture and traditions and infusing in them a sense of tolerance for other cultures and beliefs without losing sight of their identity and their roots.

Transforming the student into an individual with sound academic base, analytical skills, civic responsibilities and cultural values by providing an environment for the student to become competitive, loving, sympathetic and accommodative without compromising on individual values.

Creating an environment where every individual in the campus has the freedom to think, express and redefine boundaries set for them for the better cause of humanity and be a world class citizen.

Establishing norms for everyone to see, experience and follow.
The school is grateful
The school acknowledges and is grateful to all those stalwarts who have been persistently contributing to its development and have been
with us during all times.
About Campus

The school is spread over two lovely campus located at Sitra(LKG to III) and Isa Town(IV to XII). The location and the facilities available enrich the campus and set

the mood for scholastic learning.
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